Common Victims

      The most common victim to get a case of Malaria is a small child, usually of five years of age or younger.  Those children are very tormented in the time they have the disease.  The children harmed by Malaria are stormed with poverty and can't afford treatment. But prevention is always the key!  The reason children get Malaria is because female mosquitoes inject a poison inside one's body.  Ususally, the victims are stung at night in their sleep.  There are organizations trying to raise money to buy a net for families in Africa to keep out the mosquitoes. 

       Different types of Malaria take different amounts of time to develop.  The Plasmodium Falciparium srain of Malaria takes 9-14 days, Plasmodium Vivax takes 12-18 days, Plasmodium Malariac takes 18-40 days, and Plasodium Knowlesi takes 11-12 days.